What is PreLeprosy

In our present day and age technology is advancing, its areas of application are expanding and the possibilities, limitless. Our application Preleprosy optimizes on this marvel tool –> ‘technology’ and what can be done with this tool with the right aim and direction.

A sophisticated algorithm based on a large image database of leprosy lesions underlies our application, which enables us to predict within minutes if a skin lesion is an indication of leprosy.

Further, our application goes on to suggest nearby doctors and health care facilities in case of a positive test. To ensure continued awareness the app features a news feed with all the latest leprosy related news.

Multiple Tests

Apart from the visual lesion test, for more accuracy take multiple tests like the movement test and heat test. The result is a combined result of all the tests.

News feed

Awareness is one way to prevent the spread of Leprosy. Keep up to date with the latest news and headlines about Leprosy and its treatments directly within the app.

Doctors Suggestion

Based on your results and location suggestions of doctors nearby are provided to you. It allows you to visit not only the closet but also doctors who are verified by us.

The Working:
Neural Network

A Neural Network is like an artificial brain which learns from examining images of previously confirmed leprosy lesions. The Network grows more and more mature with time, hence constantly improving accuracy.

The app along with the other tests, has a test which works using Neural Networks to determine the probability of a person having leprosy.

The Working:

Our Neural Network is powered by images generously donated by Schieffelin Institute Of Health – Research & Leprosy Centre, Karigiri. We are also receiving constant mentorship from the Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development.

Not to forget the constant support and un wavering faith from Creation Labs and VIT University.

The Team

Harjatin Singh Baweja

AI & Web Developer

Harjatin is pursuing his bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from VIT University. He is passionate about Artificial Intelligence especially machine learning and specializes in web development

Arpit Sabherwal

Android Developer & Team Manager

Arpit is pursuing his bachelor’s in Computer Science from VIT University. He specializes in Android Application Development. He hopes to one day make an application that everyone around the world would want to use.

Ishan Kothari

Android Developer & Data Acquisition

Ishan is pursuing his bachelor’s in Information Technology from VIT University. He specializes in Android Application Development and loves taking part in hackathons and creating something new.

Utsav Vakil

Android Developer & Public Relations

Utsav is pursuing his bachelor’s in Computer Science from VIT University. He specializes in Android Application Development and is great at leveraging new technologies and loves participating in Hackathons

Aravind Prasad

UI/UX Developer & Quality Assurance

Aravind is pursuing his bachelor’s in Electronics & Communication from VIT University. He has a passion for good design and specializes in UI/UX development.

Utkarsh Sharma

Web Developer

Utkarsh Sharma is pursuing his bachelor's in Computer Science from VIT University, Vellore. He is a tech enthusiast, a humble web developer and specialises in cloud computing.

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